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"Rocking your natural hair and protecting it requires an arsenal of products and tools. I've always changed my hair styles so after spending so much money on hair products... I learned that every hair journey is always about PROTECTION,  GROWTH and RESTORATION .

 I simply want to add simplicity to your hair journey and of course a little bit of sparkle and excitement HONEY!

I probably got my first relaxer at 8 years old, my aunt owned a hair salon so every 12 weeks I would always have a different hairstyle, braids, perms and pomades. 
When hair extensions and weaves started making things convenient, I never missed a hair salon appointment however I started losing my edges and my hair stopped growing. So I decided to go “natural” and begin to GROW,  REPAIR, PROTECT and finally  RESTORE my hair.  

I moved to Dubai im 2008 and remember driving 40kms only to buy expensive products that didn't really suit my hair. I had no clue where to start my journey, so I would try whatever other women were using but then quickly realized that my hair was unique and needed real love not just after each monthly hairstyle change, but also after every single wash and style. 

Enter washday, protein treatments and protective styling. 

I started hairgrowbox to help you discover hair products from different brands oh and of course save you LOTS of money.

hairgrowbox gives women the opportunity to try 4-6 products, sometimes at half the retail price. We take the fuss out searching for products and curate a box every month. 

There's a strong growing community of women with curly, coily and kinky hair who need access to good products affordably and effortlessly. So here we are. 

So if you've started or hair care journey or maybe are a hair connoisseur, we want to help you discover products every single month.  If you are using a specific method for your hair, we hope that you find the products helpful otherwise if not we can refer you to some people that can help you on your journey. 

We are here to support the growing community of girls with curly, coily and kinky hair! 



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