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Every month we curate a box and if you like it, hit the buy button. 
Read on for all the info you need honey! 


What do I get in my box?

You get 3-5 hair products curated in a beautifully packed box.

We deliver boxes within 48 hours (free delivery in UAE). Our delivery partner Fetchr does not deliver on Fridays, but you will always get your order on time, if you schedule your delivery soon after placing your order.

How often will my box show up at my doorstep?

You get your box as often as you need it. Monthly? or Bi-monthly? When you're almost out of product or when you want to try something new?

Your call. Just remember the boxes go fast, so make sure you keep an eye on our IG or emails.

Can I get individual products from you?

We are a discovery box service, with products curated specifically to give you extraordinary value. You save about 40-50% off retail price on each product in the box. We know it's also very hard to get hold of some of your products at a reasonable price. So to avoid you stocking up from your home country or buying expensive products you might not even like. The box gives you fantastic value without breaking the bank.

How do promo codes and discounts work?

The Curlfriend family gets offers every month. You just need to be part of the family Sign up and get your first promo code.

Are there any membership or canceling fees or other sneaky stupid fees?

No way. We don't like fees anymore than you do. You only have to pay for stuff you buy. Being a member simply means you get a sneak peak of new products, you get to pre-order and you get great promo codes to help you save save save!

I only want a shampoo and conditioner. Do I need to get the full box?

We are a discovery hair care product box. Our boxes, provide the best value, each box has been curated with affordability in mind. If you are part of the wash-day tribe and give your hair lots of love you will continue to get value with your box purchase.
Feel free to email us here, and let us know which brands or items you would like us feature or curate in one of our boxes.

I have opted in my email, what's next?

We launch a new box every month and sell out VERY quickly. That's why we ask you share your email address. When you opt in, you get your first promo code and then each month we share promos and hair reccomendations to help you on your hair journey.

Be ready when the next months'box opening comes around so you can grap our next promo code with additional discounts.
This is the best way to find your hair staples in the most affordable way.

Our COVID-19 Measures

According to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), the chances of contracting COVID-19 from an inanimate object are very low. However, @hairgrowbox takes sensible measures to protect customers and staff. In response to COVID-19, all our carriers (delivery partners) are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their drivers and our customers.

What is hgb /  @hairgrowbox

hgb is short for @hairgrowbox. We offer hair care product discovery boxes, curated for women with curls, coils and kinky hair. Each month we hand-pick products from established brands. Our crew reccomend and curated products for a wash day and styling. Each box typically containst 3-5 hair products (make sure you check). We sometime throw in some free goodies too :) We also feature carefully featured boxes. First come. First-served. We're here to help you feel beautiful and supported on your hair journey. The products featured are targetted to those who want to repair, restore and protect their hair.

Products featured are for types (2A - 4C), let us know if you need a reccomedation. Please also note that SOME products are CGM friendly. We work with curlies who know their products to help us ensure we offer these where possible.

How much do the hairgrowBOX's cost?

Visit the SHOP NOW page to see more.

What happens after checkout?

Once you have completed payment online or selected COD, our packing and dispatch team are activated. Your tracking number is sent to you by email (always look out for this)
Orders in the UAE will be delivered within 48 hours once you have dropped our delivery pin through our delivery partner.
GCC orders take 5-6 days delivery. Only online payments are accepted for GCC customers.

What types of payment to do you accept?

Online card payment and cash on delivery for all UAE customers. Only online card payments are accepted for GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain)