5 Summer Detoxes to refresh and renew your hair and body

Lockdowns and summer heat have put a dampener on our physical and mental health. There's never been a great time to refresh and new your hair and body by doing a summer detox.

Here are five detoxes to keep handy:


A scalp detox is like doing a deep cleanse. It helps to remove toxins and crap from the scalp, a detox unclogs the hair follicles, and balances our natural oils and scalp pH. Try going natural when detoxing your scalp, think Cucumber, Avocado, Rice Water and Coconut.


We should be drinking water, with infused water, you get added benefits of the infused fruits and veggies add to the power of water. Try apple and cinnamon, lime and chia seeds infusion. Kiwi, cucumber and mint for your hair growth.

DITCH CAFFEINE AND REPLACE IT WITH HOT LEMON/ROSEMARY WATER: Drinking hot lemon water infused with rosemary will help restore your pH balance. Rosemary also helps restore balance to the body and skin. Hello, somebody. So go ahead and squeeze a half of a lemon into a 250ml cup of water and add a sprig of rosemary. Sounds weird, but it’s actually refreshing.


Feeling like your liver needs a little flush? Drink two cups of milk thistle tea to quickly begin to detox what you put into your body yesterday.


A little fresh ginger or papaya enzymes will restore your digestive system and calm any issues in no time.

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