A Vegan. An Inspiration, CEO & Founder of Camille Rose

We've RELOADED the July Box to feature one of our favourite brands Camille Rose because we love the Founder Janell Stephens story and reasons for giving us such healthy hair products.

It began in a small kitchen in 2011. When Janell initially planted the seeds of what would eventually grow into the Camille


After years of making products for her own family, Camille Rose eventually took off in 2012 with a product line of skincare products ranging from diaper rash cream to nursing mom cream. Each homemade creation held true to the Camille Rose company mission to produce a line of high end, gourmet, ingredient inspired hair and body products that offer clean living beauty solutions to a sophisticated consumer base. Janelle knew she was on to something after making her products available for sale on the Camille Rose website and saw an explosion amongst her target demographic. Soon after, she created and released additional products including Moisture Milk, conditioner and the most popular product to date, the Almond Jai Twisting Butter.

This standard was unlike the mission of many of the popular beauty products on the market at the time with harsh chemicals and unpronounceable substances being the industry standard. As Janell conducted research into these substances that were the norm in the products on the shelves of her favorite retailers, it became evident that a premium method of producing beauty products was a dire need that wasn’t being met.

The brand itself has continued to grow as well with the new expanded vision of its CEO and can now boast over 30 hand-crafted product ranges as part of its total brand, as well as 6 collections including the popular Around The World Collection which sources ingredient pairings from around the world and the Mandarin Collection which was made specifically for the younger of Camille Rose customers. Most recently, the brand has launched Camille Rose Face, the brands foray into the skincare industry that was met with much fanfare and support on a global scale. There is also Camille Rose Spa and Camille Rose Home which has further established Camille rose as a total lifestyle brand, not just a haircare company.

5 of the best from Camille Rose
  1. Curl Maker 🎀

  2. Curlaide Moisture Butter 🧈

  3. Sweet Ginger Cleanse 💦

  4. Creme Restore 🚿

  5. Algae Renew Deep Conditioner 🌸

Featured in the JULY box RELOADED.

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