Frizz Free - 5 humidity hacks

We're well into summer, so here come the challenges with frizzy misbehaving hair. Alot of us have challenges that are unique to the horribly humid climate shift. So we're offering some summer humidity hacks for coil, kinky and curly hair.

Our hair is a gift, so embrace it with the right wash day, styling products and routines. Moreover our hair is naturally inclined to seal in moisture, so make sure that you know how much is enough.

Remember that when your dry, porous hair sucks up moisture in the air, causing the shaft to swell, so when hair is damaged or dry, the cuticle lifts, letting more moisture in which makes it "frizz central."

So, whether you have a beautiful huge bountiful afro, bouncy curls, or are wearing a protective style (wig or weave, braids) you can utilize their own personal experiences for your benefit and crush your hair game this summer. Here are some humidity treatment hacks to abide by this year.

  1. Do not use a towel A regular bath towel "roughs up the hair's cuticle so that it won't lie flat." Use either a microfiber towel to "gently press the water", or use a t-shirt which is a much gentler alternative.

  2. Use a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet Grab a couple of these on amazon, honestly it's easier to have a good night sleep, and not worry about what you're going to get when ou wake up in the morning.

  3. Deep condition when necessary instead of using shampoo Every now and then use conditioner instead of shampoo and then rinse it out. Conditioner contains a small amount of surfactants (what shampoo uses to cleanse your hair), so it will clean it without stripping your hair of its natural oils

  4. Grab a good frizz fighting oil A very light oil, like Jojoba oil or grapeseed oil are light and are not as heavy as a mask so they won't weigh your hair down. They also strengthens your cuticles!

  5. Get our mane trimmed. Getting a trim "every six to eight weeks" will keep your hair looking fresh, frizz-free and ends healthy.

  6. Get a protective style. This is the best option when you are doing all of the above but the summer humidity is still causing frizz. Protective styles like mini twists, flat twists, halo braids, cornrows and many other styles are great ways to ensure that the moisture stays locked in your hair, keeping it healthy, moisturized and frizz free.

If you have tried all the techniques above and are still experiencing frizz, learn to embrace and love this natural characteristic of your hair type and work with it.

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