Why you should consider using Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Formula

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

So, when choosing a new product the first thing to do always do, is read the ingredients list.

It's not always the make or break factor, however what you need to stay away from are the obvious nasties (sulfates, parabens, alcohol, silicons, Formaldehyde)... lets not get to deep, but the point is. You need to look at the ingredients.

Why we absolutely love this?

This collection has moisture grabbing ingredients (fatty alcohols, panthenol and glycerin) and moisture trapping ingredients (shea butter and vegetable oils), but it also had the Behentimonium chloride, an emulsifier that would mix all these ingredients with water and prevent them from separating and just sitting on my hair and making it look oily.

Despite popular belief, proteins are not just suited to strengthen your hair and fill up holes in hair structure. Proteins are also good hydrating agents. They have the ability to hold water inside your hair, so that when your hair is dry it keeps it better moisturised and for longer.

Tip: The main concern for those with low porosity is getting moisture in and then have emollients (oils and butters) to close it all in and soften/lubricate the hair.

Let's discuss proteins:

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