3 hair gems to add to your washday!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Wash day can be quick and convenient, you can manage it easily if you feel a little lazy and can't be bothered with the razzmatazz of it all. The below gems may not work for everybody. Either way, we urge you to try and see how much time you can save.

Here are 3 gems we've put together for you!

#1WashDayGem Shampoo in 2 sections instead of 4

Gently part your hair in two sections (you can do it before or after wetting it. Do whatever feels best for your hair) and apply your sulphate free shampoo🧴 to the roots of your hair massaging with the pads of your fingers to release, dirt, sweat, release dead skin cells and remove product build up. Work the lather throughout the length of your hair smoothing and working it in a downward motion. You want to do this quickly. Working on the first section then the second section.


Let it drip girl

With your hair still sectioned in two, after shampooing, quickly apply your conditioner to one section of your hair. Make sure your hair is dripping wet 💦 and don’t squeeze any excess water, this is what will make the detangling process easier and quicker. But, if you feel you must, remove just a small amount of water, the more you take the less easy it will be to detangle.

Go straight to the conditioner, work it on your hair and detangle it as you do it.

After you finish this section, move the other clean section of hair💧 (rewet if you need), condition, detangle and subsection if you need to.


Extra Dripping Wet Tip

Rinse half your hair, 🚿 (lean to the right/left), squeeze some excess water, but not too much, and apply your first moisturising product (it can be a leave-in conditioner or moisturiser). Then I move in front of the mirror and apply some curl defining or setting product.

This technique may not be good for hair with a fine texture is that because it is drenched in water it doesn’t have ‘space’ to take up much more of anything else from your product formula, so when you apply your moisturising products this hair can’t take much of them and you may get frizzy hair.


Small changes in your natural hair wash day routine can have a big impact, and in this case was a change for the better, for me. Who doesn’t want short wash days and still be able to follow through with their hair regimen while giving what your hair what it needs? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Of course this may not work for everybody. Some of the techniques, may not work for fine hair and, for very curly hair, working in fewer sections may result in more tangling.

Hope these tips can help some of you get through that washday drag!

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