Protective styling for growth and health

Brands, updos, twists, faux locs, wigs, weaves, clip ins, cornrows.. the list is endless

Wearing your hair is exciting and full of endless styling possibilities. Protective styles are tucked in a hairstyle designed to 'protect' your ENDS from the elements (heat, cold, dust) including yourself. All that tugging and pulling when you're self-styling or at the hair salon is not good for retaining length and promoting strong strands.

Protective styles include but are not limited to twists, braids, updos, and wigs. A lot of times, added synthetic or human hair is added for even more versatility in color, thickness, length, and appearance in texture. These protective styles are extremely popular now so there's so many to chose from.

We'll include some DOs and DONTs. A few hairstyles that really help damaged hair. The most important hair products that you don't dry out or damage your hair while it's in a protective style.

Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair
As I am Leave in Conditioner and CocoShea Spray

Do moisturize on the regular

Especially for long-term protective styles 🗣 que braids, faux locs, cornrows, weave and wigs. It's simple you have to moisturize your hair, because you would be doing more damage than good to your hair. As your hair is still prone to dryness, use a detangling moisturizer or leave-in conditioner that is water-based in a spray bottle so that it is easy to get to the roots between your braids or twists. You should do this once a day, and every other day, seal with a light oil and moisturizing cream. TRUST... you are not doing too much. Your hair will thank you for it!

Do try an apple cider vinegar rinse

If you suffer from sensitive skin, the shop-bought hair extensions you add to your protective style are sprayed with chemicals to preserve whilst in the packaging, which may irritate your scalp or skin so make sure you use an ACV rinse (as you would your own hair) and dry before applying. Another tip, if you don't want to put your hair through a full wash every week, you can make a spray bottle mix with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar buy organic and "With the mother". Please don't use the cheap version and don't use red wine vinegar either. The best brand is the Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (find it in Spinney's, Waitrose, Park n Shop, Union Co-Op)

Do keep them in long enough

It is important to keep your box braids or twists in for over 3 weeks as your scalp needs to adjust to the style; when you take them down too soon, you are putting a ton of pressure on the scalp, which causes damage and breakage. Allow your hair to grow over 3 weeks or so--this will naturally make the protective style looser. Over-manipulation is a huge culprit for hair loss, so avoid this at all costs.

September subscription HAIR GROW BOX
As I Am So Much Moisture

Do use the LOC/LCO Method

Sis, apply 👏🏽 as 👏🏽 much 👏🏽moisture as possible when wearing a protective style. The best way to do this is by following the LOC/LCO (liquid, oil cream (LOC) or liquid, cream oil (LCO) method. Braids or twist-out will hold much longer this way, and can prolong the style for longer. We'll do another post on the LOC/LCO methods soon.... we got you sis!

Do a pre-treatment

The night before putting my hair into a protective style always make sure to give your hair an in-depth wash day, including cleansing with a clarifying shampoo, protein treatment, and deep conditioner with a heated cap. Go ahead and style in loose twists with a very light water based leave-in ONLY as you do not want oily, product build-up hair before installing your style. Just make sure your hair is super clean and fresh, before you begin your style.

Now the DONTs ✋🏽

Don't allow product to build-up

Product build-up is caused when you use too much conditioner and gels, which can cause a white, thick film (or flakes) on the scalp and can often look like dandruff. Use liquid leave-ins with a spray top to avoid heavy-handed application.

Don't sleep without protecting your hair

Keep your hair looking fresh and neater for as long as possible, sleep in a satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase. Without taking these steps, you will end up with the style loosening quicker and frizzies popping out of the protective style.

Don't forget to wash your hair Even though your hair is nicely tucked away... it's still growing and interacting with the elements (dust, sun, rain) you still need to wash your hair! Do not leave your poor hair for weeks on end without a cleanse; carefully wash your scalp using a spray bottle to control how wet the rest of the hair gets. Just be patient. You can use this As I am Cowash Conditioning Cleanse, however put it in a spray bottle and mix it up with some water so it's easier to manage.

Don't forget about your edges

Snatch those edges... with care. Let your hairdresser know before you start your protective style. Alopecia exists and is irriversable in most cases. Make sure you/stylist don't try to pull shorter hair along with longer hair. This will put a strain on your edges. Look for an edge tamer to help you keep those edge down and snatched.

Rock your protective style with pride

Get those faux locs, experiment with box braid length and size, get those twist-out popping with accessories, everyone has a story to tell with Bantu knots.. tell it! Feel the power to change is up whenever you like.

We have curated an affordable box 🎁 which is perfect for protective hair styles and also for ladies (and gents) who want to retain moisture and fix dry, dull and brittle hair.

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