Q&A Practical tips for retaining moisture

Q: Why is my hair so dry? Damaged curls often become very dry and brittle. You might have experienced something like this after heat styling, hair dying, removing a protective style or using chemical treatments like relaxer or keratin. Good news is that dryness is not always an indicator of damage. Your hair could be dry for any number of reasons, including climate, sleeping habits or styling products.

Now for the best results use As I Am CocoShea Spray whenever you would normally use Shea Butter and/or Coconut Oil. The submicronization of the oils makes them penetrate your strands more readily and smooth on along the cuticles in a nice thin, even, shiny layer. So Much Moisture from As I Am is a glycerin-rich formula, enhanced with natural botanical extracts, providing deep hydration and incredible softness. It also contains royal jelly, a natural substance collected from queen honey bees, known for moisturizing hair and rejuvenating the scalp.

Here are four other ways to retain moisture:

  1. HYDRATE FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Many of us simply do not get enough water, tea, coffee, juice and sodas do have not have the benefits of water. This has been widely covered but because you can't always directly see the benefits we forget to drink our 8-10 glasses of water a day.

  2. USE SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOOS & SILICONE-FREE CONDITIONERS: Sulfates are detergents that attract dirt and oil and make it easy for shampoos to cleanse your hair. The issue is that they’re too stripping and remove too much of your natural oil, drying out your scalp and ultimately, causing moisture loss in your hair shaft. Use As I Am Cowash Conditioning Cleanse if you have dry hair.

  3. DEEP CONDITION OFTEN TO ADD MOISTURE: Deep conditioners are fortified with humectants—ingredients that attract water and bind moisture to your hair, which helps to keep it soft and hydrated. Use the As I Am Leave in Conditioner

  4. USE THE LOC METHOD / OIL: for extra conditioning and sealing moisture use oils on your scalp and hair that infuse your curls with essential nutrients, like avocado oil or jojoba oil. They also protect your curls from damage by forming a protective coating around each strand, locking in moisture and adding shine. To retain moisture use the LOC/LCO method with these products As I Am So Moisture and the As I Am CocoShea Spray infused with all the oils your hair will love.

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